5 amazing vlogging features on the Panasonic Lumix cameras

Panasonic Vlogging Features
Panasonic Vlogging Features

1. Auto ISO

If you’re a hand-held vlogger, one thing that might drive you nuts is the constant adjustment to exposure.

Ain’t no vlogger got time to adjust exposure!


Well if you have a manual lens, then set your shutter speed and record away with this cool trick! You can also use this priority mode with native, automatic lenses, but you’ll need to be mindful of drastic exposure changes since two factors (both aperture and ISO) will be affected.

2. Focus peaking

Let’s face it, these Panasonic cameras don’t have the best auto-focus technology. I’m constantly shooting in manual focus and this feature is so helpful in highlighting the areas in focus. It can be found in the custom menu page 4/9. There are two sensitivity settings, low and high which sets the amount of highlighted pixels on screen.

For vlogging, set it on manual focus and aim the camera at yourself. With the help of focus peaking, you can easily see on the articulating screen when you are in or out of focus. Because you’re in manual focus, you don’t have to worry about focus hunting which will only help your vlogs and videos look more professional.

3. Snap movie

Snap movie is a great way to shoot small clips of video with ability to automatically pull focus. That’s right! Set your camera on auto focus and head over to the motion picture menu, page 1/5. Select snap movie and set pull focus to “on”. Check it out to add some nice variety to your videos.

4. 4K Cropping

If you’ve been making videos for a while, it’s likely you also spend a lot of time editing. With this feature, you can pan and zoom in-camera! This saves so much time in post. Just select your starting and ending position and the camera will create a 1080p clip for you! With all the time you save, you can put that time towards watching all the OpenFilmmaker videos on YouTube. 🙂

5. ImageApp for Monitoring

Don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on an external monitor? Well neither do we! Using your phone as a monitor can be immensely helpful. You can set aperture, shutter, iso, white balance, and other settings directly from your phone or tablet. These settings take effect immediately on your camera. You can even use this like a hidden camera to spy on your kids eating your chocolate chip cookies that you bought to satisfy your late night sugar addiction. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone.

Check out the ImageApp (Android / Apple).

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