About OpenFilmmaker

The beginning

My dad bought a camcorder in the early 90’s. It took a full VHS tape. Not kidding. I used to lug it over my shoulder and used it to make home videos. I also used it to make “short films” with my friends and family. I wish I could’ve kept pursuing it, but life’s journey took me away from it.

I graduated college with a degree in Computer Science. What I loved the most about programming was it gave me the ability to create. The same enjoyment I got from making videos at a young age. Later in college, I hosted a website where my friends and I could upload photos and videos to share with each other.

Fast forward to 2018. Before my second kid was born, I decided to buy a camera to take better photos of my kids. I purchased the Panasonic Lumix G7. This is one of the most popular cameras these days among beginner filmmakers. This of course ignited a spark and the rest is… well, history that is being shared with you on this website.

After working on a couple short films in Dallas, Texas, I decided to create a website to help unite filmmakers. Enter OpenFilmmaker.com. The idea behind it was to cultivate an open community where locals could get together, discuss films, and make them… just for the enjoyment of making films.

After wanting to improve my cinematography, I pursued photography. I joined a local club and the second year won an award for Best Photographer. So this is my space – where I unite my passions: websites, videography and photography…

I use this website to share my learnings, help others, and cultivate an army of creators.

-Open Filmmaker

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