How to enable Auto ISO for Video on Panasonic Cameras

How to get Auto ISO for Video on Panasonic Cameras

Some of the Panasonic cameras don’t have “Auto ISO” available. Here’s a neat trick to get Auto ISO for video on Panasonic Cameras. I’ve tested this on the G7, GX85 and the G85. This is especially useful for home videos and vlogging where you don’t want to constantly tinker with the settings.

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Fuego Pazzo
Fuego Pazzo
1 year ago

If you shoot in Manual mode you don’t need to change the lens. Dial everything in, set ISO to auto and press the red ‘Movie’ button. The only thing that changes is the ISO-910-891


[…] If you’re a hand-held vlogger, one thing that might drive you nuts is the constant adjustment to exposure. Ain’t nobody got time to adjust aperture and iso every time the lighting changes! Well if you have a manual lens, then this trick will come in handy. […]

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