Olympus OM1 vs. Olympus E-M1X


OM Digital Solutions has nicknamed the OM1 the WOW camera. Let’s take a look at it and compare it with the E-M1X.


(original $2999)

The OM-1 is at a great price point of $2199 USD. The E-M1X is currently at $1699, $500 less than the OM-1. But not so fast… the E-M1X comes with an integrated battery grip and includes a two-battery charger. Let’s look at some math.

OM1 Battery grip: $349.

OM1 Dual battery charger with 1 battery: $249

The Math: $2199 + $349 + $249 = $2799

So what does this mean? To get the same setup as the E-M1X, you’d have to pay an additional $1100 on the OM-1. This shows what a great value the E-M1X is at only $1699.

Size and Weight

134.8mm x 91.6mm x 72.7mm
599g / 1.3lbs
144.4mm x 146.8mm x 75.4mm
997g / 2.2lbs

The difference is mainly in the integrated battery grip of the E-M1X.

Weather Resistance

While both are weather proofed, the OM-1 has an IP53 rating, which is better than the E-M1X. I don’t use my cameras in extreme weather conditions, but I read that the OM-1 has the best weather-sealing out of all cameras.

IBIS | ISO | LCD Screen

All seem to be similar across both camers.


BackSide Illuminated SensorCMOS Sensor

E-M1X and OM-1 both offer the same resolution. However, the increase in image quality comes from the BSI sensor in the OM-1. This type of sensor is typically found in full-frame cameras. It should increase burst shooting and noise improvements in low-light.

Burst Shooting

10 (Mechanical with AF)
50 (Electronic with AF)
120 (Electronic Fixed-focus)
10 (Mechanical with AF)
18 (Electronic with AF)
50 (Electronic Fixed-focus)

This is where the camera really shines. While the 18 FPS mechanical shutter is the same in both cameras, the 50 FPS (electronic) on the OM-1 just blows away E-M1X. It’s even faster than the Canon R5 (full-frame) camera.


H.265 (10bit)
12 bit 4:4:4
H.264 (8bit)

OM-1 takes a leap on the video specs, but it’s only playing “catch-up” and not innovating here. The E-M1X only does 24p in C4K.


1053 cross-type AF (100% of frame)
2x more accurate
3x faster
Multiple recognition modes
121 cross-type (70% of frame)

Battery Life

BLX-1 battery
520 images
160 video minutes
two BLH-1 batteries
870 images
170 video minutes


The OM-1 can shoot and focus faster than the E-M1X. Video has been improved, but if you’re buying this camera, you’re probably going for the 50 FPS. However, there’s not a clear winner here…

Hear me out… yes the OM-1 is a great camera and if you want the 50 FPS and faster+better AF, then go for it. Both of these cameras are amazing. OM-1 for it’s sensor, 50 FPS, quick AF. The E-M1X for being a great value for what it offers (18 FPS, battery grip, extra battery with charger). If you’re looking at the E-M1X, there’s no better time to buy than right now because at $1699, it’s a steal. If you want the latest and greatest, the OM-1 is priced really well at $2199. Either way, you’re not going to regret it.

I hope this article has helped you make a decision. Which one do you think is a better deal? Let me know in the comments! If you happen to pick one up, please use the links in this article to support my website. I’m an Amazon Affiliate and receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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4 months ago

The em1x is too big for a micro traded mine in for the om1. Also the om1 is a better camera all round.

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