ON1 NoNoise AI 2021 – First Impressions

The quest for noise reduction

Just last week, I was looking at Topaz Denoise… and today a photographer, Jay Gosdin, sent me a promo code (NN50PLUS) for 50% off for ON1 NoNoise.

So I played around with it for a little bit and so far, I’m impressed. Let’s take a look at this image I edited today. You can click the images to view full-size:

Here’s the original RAW file (.CR2) saved as JPEG for the web.
Canon 7D Mark II + Sigma 150-600 C @ f/6.3, ISO 640, 1/1600s, 600mm (960mm FF equivalent)
Here’s the same image before NoNoise… you can see I’ve cropped it much further into the image.
Here’s the image after ON1 Noise… I can see not only has the noise been removed, but it’s sharper than the original.
And here it is after retouching.

Click here to see the final image on my Flickr.


This is an impressive piece of software. Not only does it remove noise, but it sharpens the image as well. Moreover, this noise reduction software also opens up new avenues as shown in this article – I can now go back and crop into photos without worrying (as much) about the noise quality. In addition, I’ll have more confidence at the time of shooting as I won’t have to check and recheck the ISO levels. So there’s multiple reasons to use ON1 NoNoise.

At $38 this is a STEAL!

If you’ve been considering a noise reduction software, this software will not disappoint.

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