Panasonic Lumix Lenses 12-32mm, 42.5mm, and 45-150mm

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12-32mm 42.5mm 45-150mm
Ballard Locks 2 @ 19mm
Wow… I am impressed with the 12-32mm lens. Due to it’s miniature size, I originally thought it was a joke, but it can capture some nice detail. I have not pixel peeped on this image, but at a glance, it looks great.
Tunnel @ 42.5mm
This photo did not come out the way that I intended, however it’s a start. I wanted to capture the three rectangular areas. I’ll try cropping-in to see if it improves the quality.
Seagull Eating Fish @ 42.5mm
So there hasn’t been any post-editing done on the blur and it was in-camera. I followed the rule-of-thirds in this image, but I feel the shallow DOF (blur) makes it seem as if the rule was broken.
Amazon Day 1 @ 42.5mm
Now the first comment on this was the teal on the building looks abnormal. Perhaps that is true, but have you seen the sky? I wanted to capture the feeling this place brings when you stare into the sky. I find this perspective brings a sense of vertigo.
Ballard Locks Train Bridge @ 45mm
I love the angle here, but the tree – not so much! I added a little HDR to bring out the water, and along with it, came the sky!
Majestic Pigeon @ 150mm
Does this photo require a long stream of letters and spaces to describe it’s awe? I think not, but here it is anyway.

First Hummingbird @ 150mm
This is the first humming bird I’ve captured on my camera. There is a first for EVERYTHING.
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3 years ago

I own the 45-150 and enjoy using it. The results are great. Bought it used off eBay, and it was essentially unused.
You’ve got some great pics of Seattle, I love the place!
Keep up the good work.

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