SAMTIAN Photo Light Box for Product Photography? (Review)


As a content creator related to cameras and gear, I’m often shooting a lot of product photography and videography. I’m very much a do-it-yourself-er and don’t have a permanent space for my product photography. Each photo session requires assembling lights, backgrounds, tripods, lenses and cameras. So when I had an opportunity to review this SAMTIAN 32″ Photo Box, it was a no-brainer. Could this be a solution that would reduce my product photography headaches? Well, read on to find out!

Disclaimer: I was sent this photo light box for review.


The hollow metal poles that make up the frame of the box required a bit of strength to ensure a tight fit. I took about 25 minutes to setup. It’s not complex by any means, but understanding how the box is put-together takes time. I found the installation video on Amazon to be more detailed than the instructions in the manual. So if you purchase this, make sure to follow the video instead.

Product Photos

I placed it on the kitchen table and took some photos of my Olympus EM1 Mark II. Photos are below.


The photo box takes up a bit of space so be mindful of that. I didn’t have such space so I used it in the kitchen for the above photos.

There were a couple issues I ran into while assembling:

  • The zipper got unzipped at a couple locations. If this happens, be sure to press the poles tightly into the plastic corner pieces.
  • Included instructions left out some steps. Be sure to check out the Amazon video for a more detailed setup.
  • The PVC backdrop should’ve included hooks or magnets to keep from falling. I used scotch tape to secure it in place.

For those looking for a temporary solution that can be assembled and disassembled, you might try a collapsible box. If you have a permanent space for photography, you need to get this photo box. I think the photos speak for the capability of this box. You can get great, professional photos. So pull the trigger already if you sell products on eBay, etsy, Amazon, Shopify, etc.

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