Panasonic ImageApp Hack

Panasonic ImageApp showing DPAF

Panasonic Firmware Updates

Everyone knows that Panasonic Lumix cameras suffer when it comes to Video Auto Focus. For photography, it’s pretty snappy… but video AF is far from good.

Panasonic released firmware updates in November of 2019. Most of these updates were for the GH5 and G9. Taking inspiration from Enable CineLike D Hack, I tinkered with the latest updates to see what else I could find.

Hidden Menus

I found hidden menus available on the Panasonic ImageApp (Android | iOS). After I got it connected, I noticed I could send commands such as:

The above command returns a reference to V-LOG-L. You can also return a list of commands. While exploring these commands, I discovered DPAF!

How-to unlock Dual Pixel Auto Focus on Panasonic Lumix ImageApp

After tinkering for hours, I decided to make a video so it’s easier to follow. Check out these steps to unlock Dual Pixel Auto Focus.

Panasonic ImageApp (Android) showing DPAF option
Panasonic ImageApp (Android) showing DPAF option

I’m Open Filmmaker, a YouTuber trying to reach a 1,000 subscribers by the end of 2020. If you like this hack, give me a subscribe and take a look at some of my videos on my channel.

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8 months ago

Nice joke.-910-891

1 year ago

Hello, can you send the link of the video (How-to unlock Dual Pixel Auto Focus on Panasonic Lumix ImageApp)
By the way I have gh5

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