TAPC Snapseed Tutorial

Hello TAPC – if you’re coming here after the Snapseed Demo today, I’ll have a complete tutorial on here in a few weeks. As of now, it’s just screenshots I saved in case the Wi-Fi didn’t work in the Trinity Arts building. If you need help with Snapseed, use the three vertical dots on the top right and access the Tutorials or Help. Check back in a couple weeks for the tutorial! Thanks for your support. -Manny

Snapseed Top Menus

Snapseed Top Menu

Snapseed Stacks

Snapseed Stacks
Snapseed Stack Brush

Snapseed Image Details

Snapseed Image Details

Snapseed Settings

Snapseed Image Settings

Format and Quality

Snapseed Format and Quality

Image Resizing

Snapseed Image Resizing

Snapseed Tutorials

Snapseed Bottom Menu

Snapseed Bottom Menu

Snapseed Tools

Snapseed Tools Menu

Snapseed Export

Snapseed Export Menu
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