Vitopal VM-i2 Review (VM-i1 + Tripod Kit)

Vitopal VM-i2 Review on YouTube

Note: The VM-i2 includes a tripod kit in addition to the VM-i1 microphone.

The Rode Video Microphone is many filmmakers and videographers go-to microphone. It’s a great value at $60. Well, Vitopal has released not just a microphone, but also a vlogging kit VM-i2… and right now it’s on sale for $28.80 on Amazon… and how does it sound compared to the Rode Video Microphone? The video above includes a sound comparison so check it out for both the sound quality and full review.

Included components

The Universal Microphone Kit includes the following components:

  • Table tripod
  • Ball-head
  • Phone mount (can mount both vertically and horizontally) with hot shoe
  • Vitopal VM-i1 Microphone
  • Cables (for both cell phone and camera)
  • Window screen
  • Foam cover
  • Bag
  • Carrying case

Now, take another look at the list of components… it’s not just a microphone… but a universal video kit to help you make better videos…


  • Includes additional components that can be used with a variety of video equipment (cell phones, DSLRs, action cameras)
  • Microphone quality is similar to Rode Video Micro
  • Phone mount rotates both horizontally and vertically – great for social media
  • Included cables are for both cell phones and cameras
  • Includes a bag and carrying case


  • Kit assumes your phone has a 3.5mm audio port. Most cell phones these days don’t include a headphone port and require an additional dongle like USB-C to 3.5mm. This dongle is not included.
  • The phone mount needs to be screwed and unscrewed to fit your phone. While it takes more time, it’s more sturdy than the spring-loaded mount.


I had the opportunity to use this kit on my cell phone, camera, and action camera. It’s a great purchase at only $28.80 (priced in August 2021). You can buy two of these microphone kits for the price of just one Rode Video Micro! I think this is an absolute steal and makes a great addition to any film and video enthusiasts. I highly recommend it… and in fact, I bought another one to use as a backup microphone.


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1 year ago

Which app did you use for video? I have a samsung phone and doesn’t work on the original video app. What third party app do you recommend?-910-891


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